My name is Julia, I live in Norway. This is a blog about my discoveries in the kitchen.


I subscribe to the notion of eating less meat, by which I mean not eating a meaty dinner every day. Science has shown that eating two portions of meat a week already supplies us with all the B12 vitamin and iron we require. Eating less meat is more green, healthier and saves money!

I believe in cooking my own food from scratch and using the least possible amount of processed ingredients. Cooking from scratch is my way of eating well on a budget and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to save money. A lot of my recipes are cakes, muffins and other sweet things. You’ll also find an occasional dinner recipe and some preserves, which help me save money by preserving the delicious taste of fruits when they’re in season. I’m a self-confessed bread machine enthusiast. I have a minute kitchen but the bread machine has its permanent place on the countertop. You will find a lot of recipes that don’t involve the bread machine though.




oh yeah… and I have a tattoo of a broccoli, maybe I’ll show you one time.




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