Kiwi Fruit Jam

This is late March and almost nothing is really in season. But I make some things year round – when I run out I just make another batch as long as I can get the ingredients. This is the case with kiwi jam.

kiwi jam

For this recipe you need to start with 1kg (in this case 9) of fruit. After peeling and coring them I ended up with approximately 900g of usable fruit. I removed the hard, white cores with a paring knife but I didn’t remove the black seeds and the flesh surrounding them. That would be wasteful and the seeds add a delicious little crunch to the jam.

kiwi jam
Next I processed them in a pulp with a food processor until I got a fluffy, light consistency.

kiwi jam

I placed them in a pan and cooked for 45 minutes, while adding the following:

kiwi jam





1 cup sugar

1/4 cup lemon juice

3 Tbsp gelling sugar (it’s in every store here in Norway, look in the section where they have all the sugar and flours for baking)








I made sure to stir a lot, just to keep the mixture uniform. Kiwis give a very watery pulp so it takes time for it to reduce a little bit and either way the jam was still as watery as juice when I was pouring it in jars.

kiwi jamkiwi jam

In the meantime I preheated my oven to 100C/212F and put clean open jars in there for 10 minutes.

I boiled some water in a kettle, placed the lids in a bowl and submerged them in hot water from the kettle.
I put on my kitchen mittens, took the hot jars out of the oven, through a funnel I poured hot jam into them and immediately closed them with the hot lids.

kiwi jam

Within an hour all the lids were concave and the jars were sealed.

Within the next two hours all the jam set, so that it stopped sloshing around when I was moving the jars.
This is the canning method that I use, very inexpensive and not requiring any special equipment. I keep my jams for 3 to 4 months and never had an issue. Once opened, I keep them in the fridge and use within 2 weeks.

I am not sure how long these jams could keep like that because they are always gone quickly.

If you have a pressure canner and want to use it, do it because at least you will have guaranteed results and you will be able to keep your jams for a very long time.


This jam is delicious on bread or in porridge when you want to add a little tropical flavour.

kiwi jam
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