5 Free Cooking Resources You Just Can’t Go Without

This is what I find important and useful. It could be something totally different for you but do have a look and maybe you’ll like these gems below.


1. A Free Online Course on Child Nutrition and Cooking

This course took me two weeks, including all of the recommended reading. It has 5 hours of videos and a couple of quizzes.

It is issued by Stanford University and that is enough for me to trust it completely. It is accessible at any time (you don’t have to wait for a start date etc.).

I learnt some good general information about nutrition and the recommended reading had some great articles about the food industry and food production.

There are also quite a few recipes in there, shown in video form.


2. The World’s Healthiest Foods

This is a website I use a lot to read about vegetables and fruit. There are also articles about meat and grains.

There is a lot of information here about any new research done on a particular vegetable or nutrient.

This one is a bit nerdy but that’s why I love it.


3. Cup to Gram Conversions

Prepared by Allrecipes.com this offers conversions on butter and dry goods.


4. Volume Conversions Chart

A handy chart showing you how many tablespoons in a cup etc. Might come in handy if you don’t have the right measuring tool on hand.


5. The Nutrition Source

This is a website ran by Harvard School of Public Health. It provides evidence-based information on diet and nutrition. This is a great tool for me, since I cook to stay healthy and as much as I have a lot of recipes for cake and muffins on this blog, I try to eat a healthy, balanced diet and this website helps me decide what to make for dinner.




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