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Risotto with Broccoli
orange and kale muffins

This is a very sweet, delicious muffin with a nice, orange aroma which you can eat while telling yourself that you’re getting your dark, leafy greens in. Kale is usually the sweetest at this time of the year and it likes the cold weather very much so don’t be afraid to buy it and make […]

carrot & apple loaf
kale & bean soup
lemon bread pudding

This is another one of my bread pudding recipes. It’s easy, quick and seems just like a cake. So take your day-old stale bread and put it to some delicious use. This pudding is packed with lemon zest which gives it some amazing aroma and flavour. Your body will also be happy for all that […]

lemon loaf

This is a recipe for an honest, delicious pound cake, which freezes well, so I often double the recipe below and make three small loaves, of which two go to the freezer as soon as they cool down. I am using the term ‘pound cake’ loosely since the original pound cake is supposed to have […]

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