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Delicious Focaccia Recipe

This recipe is just the answer to your prayers about focaccia. It’s an opportunity to stick your fingers in the dough to make holes. It’s the delicious, aromatic bread to stuff your face with. It’s everything you ever wanted! I made this for my boss who ate like a tonne of it straight away. I […]

kale & bean soup
vegan strawb

Ahh, strawberries! The ultimate summer fruit! Who doesn’t love them? This recipe is an eggless, vegan cake with delicious strawberries. I started thinking about this recipe when I ran out of eggs one day and really wanted to bake something without having to go to the shop. So here you have it. It takes a […]

twice baked potato

This is a dish that reminds me of beautiful Ireland where I used to live. Granted, there would probably be bacon in the recipe if you ordered this in an Irish pub but it’s still the same soft, comforting goodness. If eating a potato as the main star of your meal seems wrong to you, […]

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