orange and kale muffins

This is a very sweet, delicious muffin with a nice, orange aroma which you can eat while telling yourself that you’re getting your dark, leafy greens in. Kale is usually the sweetest at this time of the year and it likes the cold weather very much so don’t be afraid to buy it and make […]

banana & kale muffins
red wine muffins

These are always in season. No need to worry about finding the produce in store, the wine will be there, waiting for you. Why are they freaky? The red wine gives them an unusual texture and bread-like aroma that makes them interesting and you end up eating another and another because you can’t quite put […]

cream cheese muffins

These muffins are really something out of nothing. The ingredients are always in my cupboards and fridge and I know I can’t go wrong with this recipe. Sweet, comforting, with a little yummy sugar sprinkled on top – they disappear quickly. Storing them in the fridge brings out the best flavours from the cheese inside […]

gluten free muffins

Whoever thought about combining lemon and poppy seed had a great idea. The zingy fresh flavour mixed with the darker flavour of poppy seeds never ceases to amaze me. They just go together so perfectly well! As usual on my blog, these poppy puppies don’t require bringing out the heavy machinery, like mixers etc. Good […]

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