Whoever thought about combining lemon and poppy seed had a great idea. The zingy fresh flavour mixed with the darker flavour of poppy seeds never ceases to amaze me. They just go together so perfectly well! As usual on my blog, these poppy puppies don’t require bringing out the heavy machinery, like mixers etc. Good […]

I organised this list by colours of the fruit so that we are starting with the almost white gooseberries and ending the list with blackberries. Looking for these recipes around the web was fun and I can’t recommend these recipes enough. Two of the recipes are mine. One green and one yellow.    Gooseberry Jam – […]

sweet & sour

Now that the summer is in full swing beautiful vegetables like peppers, aubergines and courgettes are in season. They won’t stay that way forever but you can preserve their summer goodness in jars and keep it for these winter months. Of course you can just preserve vegetables on their own but you can also save […]

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