These are delicious mint candies that are hard on the outside but melt in your mouth. They can be given as a gift or devoured at home. Either way they are addictive. They have a very nice old-fashioned feel to them and contain no weird ingredients. Be careful with the peppermint oil. I used 6 […]


Check out these 5 easy ways to use your loaf baking tray and get amazing results.   1. Cinnamon Applesauce Loaf  This cute loaf is soft, never dry because of all the applesauce and really popular with everybody.         2. Banana Bread Very moist and well flavoured with bananas.         3. […]


It’s going to be the Constitution Day here in Norway in two days time and it’s a very important day for Norwegians. For that day, I like to bake a cake for my Norwegian family, to show respect the best way I can. This delicious cake is very light in texture and slightly moist. I hope […]

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